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Is an artist based in Berlin,Germany

Orla AKA Keni is a black and queer artist. Their work explores the body, eroticism, gender and lesbianism. Expressing the explicit, dark and powerful elements of self. 

  Orla aims to communicate a sense of personal/impersonal space within their work. To bring others into their art while maintaining the ‘self’ aspect. 

Their work incorporates spaces and eroticism. It consists of a constant invention and reinvention of the self and the individual. To show themselves within their art while simultaneously taking themselves back.


“I believe that the ‘self’ and presentation are both directly correlated to my work as an artist. How we present ourselves, is an art form, how we are viewed as such, is then a back and forth voyeur/exhibitionist relationship, whether we want it or not. My work is airing on the side of ‘this is what I want’  but how do I want to be perceived and what joy can I take from it, if it skews towards performance rather than authenticity?”

This is what is explored in their work, through multiple mediums and often self portraiture. 



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